Wednesday, July 30, 2014

KESECO BLOG_ Let’s have a look inside of ULTRA

Hello everyone. My name is Paul from Keseco Technical Support team.

Few days ago, we introduce about ULTRA product briefly.
If you haven’t read yet, please check it out.

Today, I would like to introduce about the inside of ULTRA. 
First of all, let’s look at the first photo. What do you think?Don’t you think it is simple?
As you see, ULTRA consists of Copper Busbar, Terminal Block, Ceramic Coated Layers, and ULTRA compound. There is no electric circuit inside of ULTRA.
(In particular, Ceramic Coated Layers & ULTRA Compound is considered as a heart which is very essential in our body the most.)

In other words, there’s no power consumption for ULTRA to operate promptly.
Also ULTRA is free from electrical problems such as Surge, Inrush, Harmonics.
Maybe you would be wondering with this simple structure how does ULTRA work and where the energy generates from.

As I explained above, Ceramic Coated Layers and ULTRA Compound are very important materials.
To briefly tell about these here, these two interact one another and through the wire, they supply the Energy.

I would like to go further, but if I tell more, then it would miss the point.
Please wait for the next time. I promise I will bring more exciting information here soon. Until then please wait a moment. ;)

We always appreciate for your interest in ULTRA and KESECO. See you again. Bye! 

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  1. Can it be used with those loads equipped with VSD (Variable Speed Drive)?